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Kruger Brothers - Carolina Scrapbook Vol. II

In 2005 the Kruger Brothers decided to ask a few friends, both old and new, to join them in the studio to play, talk, and record some pieces that were near and dear. A year later they had more than 80 tracks featuring more than 40 guest artists. In a sense it is their way of introducing some of people and the music that find their way to the Double Time Studios.

This three CD Set includes 68 tracks with over 30 guest musicians including Clint Howard, Laura Boosinger, Si Kahn, Tut Taylor, Moondi Klein, Wayne Henderson, Pete & Joan Wernick, the Elkville String Band, Kari Makinen and many others.

Track Listing

Disc 1:  
1. Honey Babe Blues
2. Same Old Man
3. Cuckoo/Frosty Morn
4. Little Sadie
5. The Flume
6. I Picked Some Wild Mountain Flowers for Mary
7. Mist on the High Meadow
8. Carolina Blue
9. Catfish John
10. I'll See You in My Dreams
11. Dark Road to Travel
12. Blue Stone Mountain
13. Summer Wages
14. Paper Roses
15. The General Store
16. Long Black Veil

Disc 2:  
1.Leaving Nancy
2. Fred McBride
3. June Apple
4. Nobody's Darling
5. Willie Moore
6. Clint's Cattle Story
7. Peg and Awl
8. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
9. Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
10. Jazzing
11. Walt's Waltz
12. Four on the Floor
13. In the Pines
14. Abe's Tune
15. Kennesaw Line
16. Somebody Robbed the Glendale Train
17. Mississippi Sawyer
18. This Land Won't Never Be for Sale

Disc 3:
1. Going Down
2. Colorado Bound
3. One Little Step
4. Freude, Schoner Gotterfunken
5. Jesse Polka
6. Otto Wood
7. Sweden  
8. Hey Vaan
9. Peach Picking Time in Georgia
10. Dunmore Lasses
11. Minnesota State Song
12. Cannonball Rag
13. Intro to the Flume
14. Si's Triple Talk
15. Whiskey in the Jar
16. Clint's Wood Cutting Joke
17. Rolling Mountain Blues
18. I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
19. Randy Sheppard's Intro
20. Guitar Rag
21. The Beautiful Land
22. Chinese Showboat
23. Goodbye Lightning

Copyright-2005, Double Time Music, Inc .

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